Chronic Candida Syndrome

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Candida Syndrome
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What is candidiasis?
Candidiasis is a widely misunderstood condition wherein a person's natural balance of internal flora and fauna is thrown off by an overgrowth of Candida Albicans. Symptoms are numerous and often misdiagnosed or brushed off entirely.

The purpose of this community:
- To help people dealing with chronic candida issues, be it in themselves or someone they love.
- To promote understanding and validation that this is NOT "all in your head"!
- To trade helpful hints and tips, both for dealing with the condition itself as well as the problems it often creates in daily life.

Rules / Things to keep in mind:
- Be nice, don't fuss.
- You may post pictures, but if they are large or potentially disturbing, you must use an lj-cut tag.
- The moderator reserves the right to adjust the rules as needed. Hopefully, that won't BE needed. :)
- This condition can (and often does) cause a number of emotional issues (many of which are listed in the Interests section). This is a safe place to decompress. However, please keep rants on-topic. Venting about symptoms and the way candidiasis has affected your life is fine; venting about your cat peeing in your shoes is Not Okay. This is why we have personal journals. :)
- Everyone is welcome here: patients, doctors, friends and family.
- I do not think there are any medical professionals in this community. As such, no one here is qualified to tell you whether or not you have candidiasis. We may be able to say "your experience sounds very similar to mine, so you may have it", but ultimately you may need to find a doctor, naturopath or other licensed medical practitioner to assist you.

Currently we are working on adding tags to helpful posts in the community's archives. This may take some time, so please be patient. To see a list of all of the tags in this community, visit this link: candidiasis.livejournal.com/tag.

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