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27 November 2010 @ 09:34 am
I feel even more confused........  
I don't know what to think......It took this long (two and a half years) to get seen by someone who specializes in this problem at a 'medicine for sexual health and HIV' at a city hospital. There are only three in total that deal with this kind of issue exclusively outside of central London in England. Apparently this one only got funding in the summer......

I went to see someone who specializes in fungal issues at the hospital and they told me to do nothing but take 150mg fluconazole three times a week for ten weeks!!!! The cultures were coming up that the candida was quite low, which is mind boggling as I have been full of it before in other tests and have not been near a diet for nearly six months. I have been eating really badly as I have been feeling more and more depressed and feeling guilty about which foods I should be eating and which I shouldn't. I was previously having sugar everyday, but hadn't had any for about five days by the time I went to this appointment expecting that they would put me on the diet anyway.

When I asked about diets and stuff like that she said it was all "money making bullshit". This was said directly after I started to tell her the symptoms I was having, that appear on most candida symptoms lists on line. She said they weren't consistent with Candida.

They did a dermographia which involved running something along my back, to see how my skin reacts, apparently I am producing too much histamine. They said if it hasn't improved in three months then I will be given anti histamines......

I was also told that I have vulvodynia as well as the presence of candida. I am on amityptaline for the pain that a gyno gave me three months ago as I was wanting a second opinion after a sexual health doctor wanted to burn off painful parts of remnants of hymen to which I was alarmed. Turns out not doing it was the best thing esp as I found out about the vulvodynia for certain!!! At the hospital they said all they would do for it would have been prescibing Amitryptaline anyway and that the candida is likely to come back at some point even if we manage to suppress it with the anti fungals.

It's quite scary. The only thing I was told was to stay away from refined sugars as much as possible. I am left simply confused!!! When they asked why I had been looking up the diet I told them it was because the doctor who referred me suggested it, to which they shook their heads. They also asked if I have had certain kinds of tests, like from the anus and others, to which I had to say no.

I simply don't know how to react to any of this......
dodging_fatedodging_fate on November 27th, 2010 01:26 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry you're not getting help :(

My Drs didn't even want to pretend to listen to me... just one more excuse for being fat, they figured!!!! I ended up tacking candida myself and did a decent job. I have to do so again after the holiday.... but here's what works for me (and, honestly, if you don't take a probiotic with that antifungal script, the candida will just get worse... florasmart is my favorite!!!)


I am going to start all of thins on Jan 1st. I do better if I have a day to work towards.

Cut out all refined sugar, sticking to stevia, honey and periodically, agave.

Decrease my carb intake, being VERY careful of portions when it comes to rice, potatoes and anything processesed. I have Celiac Disease, so I don't do a lot of breads or baked sweets that don't come out of my own home, so I have no excuse for not controlling this!

Eat protein and non-starchy veg EVERY time I eat. And start with them. This helps me cut down my carb intake.

Every morning take an antifungal (I do a week on one and rotate: raw garlic, coconut oil) followed an hour later by a probiotic (either good plain, multi-strain yogurt, kefir or florasmart... I tend to cycle these, too, throughout the week).

Cook with tons of garlic and use honey a lot (both are great candida-killers) followed, always with yogurt or kefir


if my detox syptoms get too bad I'll take activated charcoal pills for a few days to help absorb the crud my body lets loose and I also make a point to drink a TON of water and exercise enough to sweat out toxins during a candida purge!


good luck... you can do this and feel better! We all can!
Jaguar -  Horseman of Discipline: Ravensjaguarx13 on November 27th, 2010 03:22 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry to hear you haven't been getting any help as well. *hugs* Sadly, even docs that say they 'specilaize' in candida often only want to give you meds and not address the underlying cause.

I second everything that dodging_fate has said. The diet does work, and even though it may be hard to follow when you start, you'll be encouraged by how much better you feel as you keep to it. Don't get angry with yourself if you slip; we're all human and that happens. Trust your body, and not what the docs say. If you feel better on the diet, then that's plenty of evidence you need to be on the diet.

The antifungals I use when the candida flares are garlic, coconut oil, capyrystatin, oregano oil and grapefruit seed extract, all in rotation so the yeast doesn't get resistant. Garlic is part of my daily food intake anyway. I've also had really good luck with tincture of Myrrh, one dropperful in warm water 3 times per day. I have to warn you that it tastes reaaaallly bad, but it's so effective that it's more than worth it for me. It can create some discharge though, and you might need a light pad when you take it.

The probiotic I use is Kyodophilus 9, which has human cultures, and is dairy and soy free (I'm allergic to both). Florasmart as mentioned is also very good.

Best of luck to you. All of us here know how hard it is to start the healing journey, but you can do it, and you will feel better.