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17 September 2010 @ 10:35 pm
Brown rice pasta  
Does anybody know if brown-rice pasta is a candida-kosher food? I'm thinking it might be because brown rice is acceptable. At the very least, I would assume it's a substantial improvement over standard wheat pasta.
Jaguar -  Horseman of Discipline: Ravensjaguarx13 on September 18th, 2010 02:31 pm (UTC)
I include it in my diet on a limited basis (maybe, once every couple of weeks), and find that I don't get a candida reaction or a quick sugar rush like I often did with refined pastas (I'm hypoglycemic). I also have celiac, so it's a great option. The best brand imho is Tinkyadia. It's awesome. Many rice pastas fall apart when you cook them, but this brand can truly be cooked al dente. And I really can't tell the difference in taste from wheat pasta. Plus, it comes in a lot of different shapes - penne, spirals, linguine, spaghetti, macaroni - even animal shapes for kid's meals. The only thing you have to watch out for is that it should be cooked long enough. If not, it can absorb more water and swell in your stomach, making you suddenly feel very full.