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I had about a months break people!!!! That is most i have had bar one other time when i had a break from all the annoyances. Whatever made the flare up i have no idea but am hopefully on the way to irradicating what i think it might be. I bought a new lube! It was meant to be (I.D) hypoallergenic, fragrance free etc. Well it smelled fragranced, but i dunno.

Anyway this is what i used the day before i got a flare up so it isn't a far cry to say this might be what caused it. I may try it one other time as it could have been anything, but i was wondering do other people use and if so what, because i have tried about three over the last two years and although they have varying degrees of success i'm not really sure how much success i've had really. My consultant says he would prefer i use none but he would prefer me to use it if i need it as it might cause more irritation without.

Anyway, i went shopping today for the start of bettering my diet (Expensive first go, probably because i don't know how to shop around, or what i need). I don't know if i am going to go deep into this. I am really going to see, as i have depression and panic anxiety and don't need to tip my scales very much to feel like i am in a mess! Plus i'm quite a poor eater at times, and know that i fall into the feeding the candida cycle....

I have bought a book for recipes as looking at what foods to avoid was making me sad and feeling like i had no idea how to come up with meals. Hopefully just making afew adjustments at first and easing in foods; i have to be careful as i also have IBS (Sigh :p), will help me to feel better in general, then i can look at stopping smoking (I only did 6 days cold turkey), and yoga. I am simply sick of crying over this problem, if it doesn't help atleast i will have done something.
13 December 2009 @ 03:32 pm
New to this community, you might have guessed that though. >.>

I'm fairly certain I have Candidasis, I get yeast infections all the time and have problems with anxiety, depression and fatigue. I've always wanted to go on the anti-yeast type diet but I've got some dietary restrictions I can't compromise on. I follow a vegan diet, and I don't know if the two diets are compatible.

What kind of things are acceptable for sugar? I saw someone say that Chocolate soy milk didn't seem to have a lot of sugar in it, but I think it does... I also eat molasses for iron and that's kind of sugary too.

What kind of websites can I go to for good information? (Sorry to pump you like this)
13 December 2009 @ 05:25 pm
Hi, I've been following the diet pretty strictly for over 2 weeks now and I am finding that I am sleeping much better and not feeling quite so fatigued. The only issue I'm having is that whenever I start taking caprylic acid I end up having to run to the toilet around 5 times a day with diarrhea. I came off it for about 3 days because I had to go visit someone and knew I wouldn't have access to toilets and also my system needed a rest as I think I was overloading my liver as I had pain under my shoulder blade and felt quite rough. I was fine but now I've started taking them again (1 on the first day, 2 yesterday and 3 today of 350mg tablets) and I've got diarrhea constantly again. Is this normal? I can't work out if it is just die off or if I'm having a bad reaction to the caprylic acid!! I can't go to the doctors either because the ones here in the UK do not take this condition seriously.

I'm also taking Acidophilus tablets twice daily and one multivitamin in the morning.

12 December 2009 @ 09:13 am
I recently developed a condition known as folliculitis, colloquially known as "shaving rash". The skin on my face gets rather red and irritated whenever I shave, and I mitigate it by applying anitbiotic cream to my face at night and a product known as "Bump Patrol" after I shave. My doctor proposes prescribing me oral antibiotics in order to make it go away, which I would like for this embarassing condition to do. The thing is, oral antibiotics are what put many of us in the lifelong predicament that brought us all to this very LJ community.

What I would like to know is, is there anyone here who took oral antibiotics for something after they developed candidiasis, and what effect did it have on you with regard to candidiasis symptoms?
11 December 2009 @ 11:08 pm
Okay, i just recently figured out that i might have two completely different things. It was purely by accident. I have gotten so used to have the pain and irritation that it never occured to me why i have this everyday when the infection isnt fully presenting its self. I have sores and redness, which i know now isnt anything to do with my condition as such. I think it may be from an over use of medications, as i read this is known to be associated. I went to my doctor, a different one, and they refered me to see a gyno just for a second opinion. I think my consultant has missed something, especially as the cream he gave me burns, this new doctor reckons it shouldn't because its the mildest you can get and is given to babies. I also pointed out that this new info i found mentions that anyone with anything describing my symptoms cant stand any cream with alcohol in it.

I can no longer have sex with my boyfriend. I havent had an infection for two weeks, and the symptoms did seem to be getting better but whenever we try to have sex its like i am in excruciating pain. Its a burning sensation, but the more intense the sex gets the worse i feel. I was wondering if anyone else here has that when they arent going through an infection or if this really is part of my other symptoms now. It hasn't always been this way and recently i really have been pumped full of all sorts to try to rid the infection. This new doc also said i shouldnt be using the same meds if they hadnt worked before.....which was my thought exactly.
I wish i had a condition that was understood, this i feel would make my understanding of how to treat myself much better. I am very afraid to enter into a strict diet which may ultimately produce an illness much more serious than what i now have. I understand that living healthier can help, but when i read people are getting sick, not just tired, from these diets it makes me wonder whether ultimately it is doing more harm than good.

I feel candidia is quite an evil thing, it almost makes us crave all the wrong things just so it can survive. I smoke, i'm going to give up, and i read that candidia love the acidity of smoking. I also notice i crave cigarettes (maybe from stress, but possibly related to...) alcohol, sweets, sugar, bread.....everything i have read actually helps it to live and that it isnt uncommon to crave these bad things in its presence.

I have depression anyway, but having this problem is only serving to make me feel even worse, which in turn feeds lack of motivation further creating a possible cycle, especially if candida can produce a depressive like brain fog environment ordinarily.

I am also on birth control. Started on depo, bled for 9 months went on pill as last resort to stop the bleeding. When i ast my consultant he said this may or may not be a contributing factor. I've had this problem for a year and a half, the length of time i have been using birth control, as i was with a female before this partner and so didn't need any. I had only ever had thrush two or three times in my life before then and they were years apart.

I am sick of the medications only giving me two days off from discomfort in a month, but when i went to the consultant he said he couldn't see any presence of yeast (On sight) or irritation despite my privates being very red that day, but i had a test that confirmed yeast 3 weeks previously at my doctors, but they didnt culture which type, i was just told it was a different kind of yeast to the one usually found. The consultant send me away with creams and i get to see him again in four months.

Has anyone else found that they have become chronically depressed or that it has worsened a current condition to do with mental health, because i am becoming very suicidal in my thoughts and generally very upset which is affecting my relationship.

I am very scared, yet my consultant told me it isn't serious and some women just get it (Which i read is a very usual thing to be told), i didn't tell him it was affecting my mental health but now realise it is.

I will continue current general advice, quit smoking and try to cut out some things in my diet, but how can i do this when i feel so bad. I feel like i am losing...
Hi there. I just wanted to share my recent experience with eczema, in hopes that it may help some of you out there who are suffering with candida-related skin conditions.

Over the past few months, I struggled with a severe case of eczema on the tops of my hands. It started out as a few tiny itchy bumps, then before I knew it, the reddish scaly rash spread over most of my right hand, and up my fingers, and there were a few patches on my left hand as well. It sucked, and I was really self-conscious of my hands, which looked horribly diseased or something.

Then I discovered Neem Oil by accident. My daughter caught head lice at school, and I started searching the internet for a natural remedy. So many people said to use Neem Oil. So I started researching it more, and found out that it's really great for skin conditions too. I talked to the woman working in the supplement section at Whole Foods about it, and she said it could be applied directly to the skin, or mixed in with a favorite lotion.

Ok, so Neem Oil smells *awful*. The easiest way to describe it would be a mix between burning hair and some sort of gross onion that exists in some other evil dimension. But, it works *so* amazingly! I started out just rubbing a few drops of the oil into my skin (then applying a nice scented Pacifica body butter afterward to deal with the stench) three times a day. After about four days, I just mixed the Neem Oil into some gentle, non-scented lotion from Trader Joe's. I also added a few drops of lavender oil and bergamont oil to mask the smell. I put this on my hands twice a day, and any time after I wash my hands. This seems to be working well, and my eczema has completely cleared up! It was totally under control within a week after starting this regimen.

I also recently read about how Black Currant Oil is another great natural remedy for eczema, so I started taking that too. So far, so good.

I hope some of you out there find this information helpful! xo
05 June 2009 @ 10:16 pm
Has anyone gone to Dr. Biamonte in NYC?  He claims you can get rid of candida permanently without prescriptions, and that taking vitamins & antioxidants, while they will help you, they will help the yeast as well.

His website is www.health-truth.com - he describes his methold in great detail and it sounds very rational.  I have a medical background and it really does make a lot of sense and doesn't sound like a gimmick or quackery, at least not from what I read so far (almost his entire website; I've been on it non-stop all week).

 I've been struggling with candida-related problems so extensively, I'll try anything.  I just worry that I'm so desperate for resolution that I'm more likely to fall for something that may not actually help.  :(
11 May 2009 @ 01:54 pm
When a person is developing the most common form of Type 2 Diabetes, their blood sugar continually rises as the insulin-resistant cellular physiology becomes more and more resistant to allowing the insulin to transfer the sugar from the blood to the cells. If such a person also has candidiasis, can the candida feed itself off the person's steadily rising blood sugar?
16 April 2009 @ 07:54 pm
has anyone tried drinking green smoothies? that is, blended greens with other stuff.
or kombucha?

how has that gone?

also, should i seriously not eat mushrooms and fruit? any kind? where can i read about that?

anyone had success with young coconut milk?