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09 August 2010 @ 01:37 am
hello there!  
i just found out that i have candida, i have been on the diet for a month and got put on herbal antifungals two weeks ago. i seem to be improving. very slowly. but still improving. How long did the healing process take for you?
i made a blog full of recipes that i alter and make candida friendly, please visit it. if you want to


Alex WilhelmAlex Wilhelm on October 21st, 2010 01:56 am (UTC)
THANK YOU!!!!!!!
Thank you sooo much for posting your blog! My dr is not a big believer that diet changes can help the horrible Candida that causes all my infections and thinks that MORE antibiotics and creams will make me better! but guess what 3 yrs and it hasnt so I've taken matters into my own hands, increased my H20 intake and acidophiles from my local organic compound pharmicist as well as trying your recipes! THANK YOU!!!
christvswarholchristvswarhol on November 27th, 2010 09:35 am (UTC)
Are you on the diet because you were advised to do so? I am really confused the opinions of doctors seems to vary quite greatly...i dont know what to think.