Thee Pirate Wench (theepiratewench) wrote in candidiasis,

Chronic Candida Syndrome + Birth Control

Hey all. I discovered I had chronic candida syndrome this winter, and have been on the candida diet (plus taking natural remedies like acidophilis and Yeast Cleanse that has grapefruit seed extract, garlic, calpuric acid, etc in it) for over four weeks. My symptoms have improved greatly, and this is the best I've felt in so long!

During 2007, I had recurring yeast infections. My menstrual cycle had a mysterious flip-out, that I later realized was due to candida. What happened was I started my period on time, but I bled for 35 days, so my doc put me on a 10-day prescription to progesterone to stop it. Then I had no period for over 40 days, and had to get my period re-started with progesterone. My doc took blood tests and did a pelvic exam. Everything came back "normal" so she put me on birth control to regulate my cycles.

I am on Trinessa (the generic to Ortho Tri-Cyclen), and have been on it for two months. Before that, I had a copper IUD. I know both these methods have a side effect of possible increase of yeast infections. Birth control pills specifically, are sometimes the cause of the chronic candida syndrome. Given my health status with chronic candida, I want to figure out a different method of birth control. I was wondering if all you lovely ladies out there with chronic candida syndrome could tell me what methods of birth control you use successfully?

Also, I was wondering if you have a specific type of lube you use? I've been researching, and I've read that some lubes with hemp oil help combat yeast infections. Some types of lubes also have grapefruit seed extract in them. Have any of you used these? Are they safe?

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